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Natural and cultured pearls occur in a wide variety of shapes & colours, they are perhaps the best-loved gems of all time. Most familiar are the round white and cream classics, however the palette of colours extends to every hue. Beautifully shaped baroque pearls are nowadays considered very modern.

We provide in-depth information on pearl types in all aspects, and offer pearls ranging from perfect high quality rounds till beautifully shaped baroques. Our pearls are used for processing in all kinds of jewellery and accessories.

The knowledge-base presents the characteristics of all pearl types:

  • Freshwater Pearls

  • Akoya Pearls

  • South Sea Pearls

  • Tahitian Pearls

Browse the 'cultured pearls' section at your convenience for information and visually rich illustrations of all pearltypes.

Pearls are unique products of nature, organic results of living creatures.

There is no universal system for evaluating pearls like there is with diamonds, but by using nuancing principles, we can consider each pearl and create beautiful jewellery.

In our 'pearl guide' section you can read about the factors that determine quality, value & beauty of pearls;
  • Luster

  • Colour

  • Nacre

  • Shape

  • Surface

  • Size

Should it be you are already an expert and you know what you are looking for; we invite you to forward to our 'shop & buy' section to view pearls available for your jewellery or accessories. 

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